WEALINS: 10 billion euros of assets under administration

WEALINS: 10 billion euros of assets under administration

WEALINS S.A. successfully closes the 2019 year, marked by more than 10 billion euros of assets under administration entirely invested in units of account and a turnover of more than 1 billion euros. The Luxembourg life insurance company specialising in the development of tailor-made life insurance and capitalisation solutions is undeniably one of the leading insurance companies operating under the Freedom to Provide Services (FPS) regime from Luxembourg.

28 years of expertise and support

Over the years, WEALINS has confirmed its position as a key player in the wealth insurance sector. As a reminder, in August 2016, Foyer S.A. acquired 100% of the shares of IWI International Wealth Insurer S.A. (IWI, formerly BIL Vie). One year later, in August 2017, the merger of Foyer International S.A. (subsidiary of Foyer Group created in 1996 to develop life insurance business under the Freedom to Provide Services regime from Luxembourg) and IWI enabled to gather the Wealth Insurance activities of Foyer Group under a common name: WEALINS.
Today WEALINS provides support to its trusted partners, asset managers and wealth structuring professionals, and their wealthy international clientele in 10 markets (Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

Jean-Louis Courange, CEO of WEALINS, comments: "Since I arrived, almost 20 years ago, WEALINS has been able to grow despite financial crises or increasing regulatory and tax constraints. In 2020, 28 years after the first creation of the activity under the Freedom to Provide Services regime with Foyer, I can now say that the critical size is acquired. This allows us to commit ourselves to develop performant, innovative and long-lasting solutions".

Synergy of competences and excellent quality of service

WEALINS benefits from its belonging to Foyer Group, first Luxembourgish privately-owned financial group and historical leader in the Luxembourg insurance industry since 1922, with which it shares the same corporate values: trust, excellence, innovation, integrity and independence. These values are applied on a daily basis by WEALINS’ employees who are committed to providing a service of quality to their partners. A synergy of competences (legal, fiscal, financial, etc.) allows WEALINS to develop a unique solution for each wealth situation and to best meet the requirements of a wealthy clientele.
Finally, at the end of 2019, the acquisition by Foyer S.A. of GB Life Luxembourg S.A., a life insurance company offering innovative solutions through Europe, represents a new opportunity for the Foyer Group to further strengthen its position in the life insurance market under the Freedom to Provide Services regime from Luxembourg with more than 12.5 billion assets under administration, in both companies, invested in units of account.